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Regaining your confidence with dentures

Far too many patients face the burden of missing teeth. Missing or worn down teeth can change the way you view yourself and the way you interact with everyone around you. A weak smile can make it impossible to enjoy your favorite foods or clean your teeth comfortably. Our Las Vegas dentist can give you more information, call now!

We offer cutting edge denture options that can bring your smile back to life! Whether you need full or partial dentures, and whether you prefer removable or permanent teeth, we can help you achieve your goals. Our skilled dental team has the experience and artistry you need to restore your beautiful smile with dentures! We’re your one-stop-shop for everything you need!

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Your choice of Las Vegas dentures

Here are some of the denture options available at Canyon Family Dentistry & Orthodontics:

- Full Dentures: Full dentures are used to replace a full arch of missing or damaged teeth. They form a seal with the gums or are anchored to denture implants.
- Partial Dentures: Partial dentures are used to replace several missing teeth while there are still healthy teeth remaining in the mouth. They can be anchored by dental implants or by the surrounding natural teeth.
- Traditional Dentures: Traditional dentures have been tried and tested over the years, and have proven to be such a great solution that they are still used today. These dentures are often the most affordable option and are made with quality materials.
- High-End Custom Dentures: High-end dentures involve more advanced dental artistry to ensure a flawless natural look. Our team will meticulously match your high-end dentures to your teeth and gums. Our high-end dentures are designed to last a long time and to avoid traditional wear and tear.