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Dental implants create an environment for a new tooth by placing an artificial root into your mouth and affixing a porcelain cap to the fake root. Typically used as a last resort to fix an underlying issue, a dental implant acts as an artificial root. A dental implant may be the best course of treatment for your overall oral health, depending on a few different factors. Do I need dental implants? Many

Teeth replacement is the process of removing an existing, but dysfunctional, tooth or set of teeth to create an environment for a new replacement tooth. When it comes to tooth replacement, it is essential to note that there are several reasons why you might need to replace a tooth. Depending on if your teeth are badly damaged or broken, a tooth replacement may be the most beneficial action to take.  Why

Dentures are a removable fixture in your mouth that patients receive when their smile is unstable or missing teeth. is an instability in their smile or are missing teeth. There are many benefits to dentures, though they also come with a few drawbacks. Patients who receive dentures often suffer from extreme tooth decay, injury or already missing teeth.  The various types of dentures Before we discuss dentures’ pros and cons, we should

Tooth replacement is never a fun thing to think about. However, depending on your needs, tooth extraction might sometimes be the best, safest course of action. Many times, tooth removal and replacement can stem from pain in the tooth that cannot be fixed through normal fillings alone. Typically, tooth replacement is one of the latter options your dentist will consider, so if you're worried about your pearly whites, know they

  There is nothing more cringe-inducing than the sudden, sharp pain that shoots through your mouth when drinking something ice cold. Sensitive teeth can literally leave someone speechlessly in pain. Luckily, there are many home remedies that can treat such pain and tooth sensitivity quickly. In this article, we will discover the root cause of sensitive teeth and provide you with 6 effective treatments that can help relieve your pain. Why do I

  Many people believe that their oral health is dependent upon a cavity-free lifestyle, while you maintain the straightest, whitest teeth possible. In reality, your gums are essentially the glue that keeps your mouth together and in working order. and therefore are equally (if not more) important to maintain. Gum disease is an illusive challenge, one that can go undetected for months. In this article, we will review nine of the easiest,

Despite their security and ease, root canals have a negative stigma in today’s culture. With advancements in modern dental technology, root canals have become somewhat of a routine operation for most dental practitioners. The use of effective local anesthetics and improved technique have made this dental procedure minimally invasive, causing little to no pain or discomfort — with a short recovery process. Despite its safety, no one ever looks forward to