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Is Tooth Replacement Worth It?

Teeth replacement is the process of removing an existing, but dysfunctional, tooth or set of teeth to create an environment for a new replacement tooth. When it comes to tooth replacement, it is essential to note that there are several reasons why you might need to replace a tooth. Depending on if your teeth are badly damaged or broken, a tooth replacement may be the most beneficial action to take. 

Why do our teeth need to be replaced?

Since everything else in our body regulates itself, we would think that our teeth would figure out a way to heal themselves. Unfortunately, it isn’t that simple. Your mouth is an entire ecosystem of bone, gum health, plaque and bacteria, which leads us to one of the reasons your teeth may need to be replaced: Tooth decay. 

Issues caused tooth decay

Tooth decay is the process of teeth being broken down by bacteria that live in your mouth. It is one of the reasons dentists recommend brushing twice a day. This bacteria can come from several sources, usually present in the food we eat. 

Other contributing factors to tooth decay can include poor oral hygiene, a lack of hydration, and on occasion, bad luck. Tooth decay tends to emerge in the form of a cavity, and without proper treatment, it might eventually necessitate a tooth replacement.

Tooth replacement can be a great idea if your teeth are broken down to the point of pain from eating. If tooth replacement is your only option, it may be because of discomfort or acute damage.

Smile-worthy teeth

You may be asking yourself, are replacement teeth noticeable? That is an entirely valid question. Your tooth is typically replaced with a ceramic or porcelain artificial substitute. These are not noticeable by any means, and typically maintain their white hue due to the composition of the material. 

If you have been self-conscious about your smile, a tooth replacement may be a great option. If you are missing teeth, especially in the front of your mouth, you may have found yourself smiling less. Tooth replacement might be the solution you’re looking for. 

Tooth replacement and your identity

Your teeth are an essential part of your body. They are in every picture when you smile, and they help you consume your favorite foods. Our dental specialists can speak for every dental professional when they say they care about your oral hygiene.

Luckily for you, modern dentistry can make tooth removal a much less painful process than it was in previous years. Your missing teeth options are far broader than they were back in the day. Having a tooth replaced is a pretty straightforward process now, and very worthwhile if you need it. 

Is tooth replacement worth it?

It is important to note that your dentist knows what’s best for your teeth. Much like you, your dentist wants you to keep your natural teeth as long as possible. At Canyon Family Dentistry, we have your best interest at heart, and we’re ready to help you maintain strong oral health. If you have any questions or concerns at all, please feel free to give us a call at 702-899-0735. Alternatively, feel free to reach out and book your appointment today!

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