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Pros and Cons of Dentures

Dentures are a removable fixture in your mouth that patients receive when their smile is unstable or missing teeth. is an instability in their smile or are missing teeth. There are many benefits to dentures, though they also come with a few drawbacks. Patients who receive dentures often suffer from extreme tooth decay, injury or already missing teeth. 

The various types of dentures

Before we discuss dentures’ pros and cons, we should note the many different types of dentures that characterize the current market. These can include: 

  • Conventional — Also known as permanent dentures. These are the most common dentures provided to patients.  
  • Immediate — Otherwise known as temporary dentures. These are given in between the process of getting them fitted for your mouth.
  • Overdenture — Also known as partial dentures. These are given to patients to fill in the gaps of missing teeth, or to better accommodate a smaller set of teeth. 

While it is good to keep in mind both the benefits and drawbacks of dentures, it is important to speak to your dental professional first before making any definitive decisions.

The benefits of dentures

Dentures will create a more functional environment for your mouth. Depending on your need for dentures, they will offer you a more functional, fulfilling oral health experience. They will act as a new set of teeth for you, so you will be able to use them to eat and chew your favorite foods. 

Other than the functional aspect of dentures, they also provide cosmetic improvements to your smile. Many of our patients who need dentures tend to avoid smiling altogether. Often, patients who receive dentures experience improved comfort and confidence as well.

Some other benefits of dentures include improvements to your facial structure, alongside bone and muscle support. After all, our teeth are an essential aspect of our jaw structure.

Dentures also help support speech. Whether you realize it or not, your teeth play a big part in your speech patterns. The addition of a complete set of teeth will help you articulate the words you speak.

The drawbacks of dentures

Dentures can also come with a few drawbacks. For one, the lifespan of dentures is 10-15 years, depending on the wear and tear. This means you will need to see your dentist frequently to check on their deterioration.

Dentures sometimes take time to completely install. A mold of your mouth will be made first, and then the removal of your teeth follows. Once we have an accurate measurement of your mouth, we can begin fitting your dentures correctly.

You have to remove dentures occasionally. You will want to remove your dentures before bed, which may feel strange at first. However, you will quickly grow accustomed to this process.

Are dentures worth it for me?

If you have severe tooth damage or are already missing teeth, you might be a great candidate for dentures. Understanding denture pros and cons is also a great benefit, can help you have more productive conversations about dentures with dental professionals. If you still have questions about dentures, feel free to call Canyon Family Dentistry & Orthodontics at 702-899-0735 or book an appointment today! We look forward to speaking with you.

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