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Does My Tooth Need To Be Replaced?

Tooth replacement is never a fun thing to think about. However, depending on your needs, tooth extraction might sometimes be the best, safest course of action. Many times, tooth removal and replacement can stem from pain in the tooth that cannot be fixed through normal fillings alone. Typically, tooth replacement is one of the latter options your dentist will consider, so if you’re worried about your pearly whites, know they are in good hands. 

Common procedures linked to tooth removal

The following procedures are the most common forms of tooth removal and replacement. You may have heard of some of these procedures before, while others might be entirely new.

Wisdom teeth removal 

Depending on your age, you may have already had your wisdom teeth removed. If not, you may be looking into it. Regardless of your current state, one of the reasons you had your wisdom teeth removed is that your mouth just did not have the space for it. Typically this is done by an oral surgeon, and all four of your wisdom teeth are removed at one time. The process may require some form of sedation, and you should recover from the discomfort after a week or ten days. 

Severely broken teeth

Some patients may have broken teeth that are beyond repair. If your molars are acutely damaged, a regular filling or cap will not be able to solve the issue. This will lead to the tooth being extracted, and the space cleared out to allow a replacement tooth to be put into place. The process can be done in one visit to the dentist, but like wisdom teeth removal, there is some pain to be expected from this.

Intense pain

If a tooth is causing you intense pain, then it may be linked to an underlying cause. Intense discomfort from a tooth can sometimes be eradicated through other means, but if the tooth is too far gone, your dental professional may recommend a tooth replacement. 

Gum infection

A periodontal infection, more commonly known as severe gum infection, can eventually warrant tooth removal. This typically means the area around the tooth is infected past the point of relief. Some dentists specialize in periodontal care. If you are at this point, there is a good chance your primary care dentist has referred you to a periodontal dentist. A periodontist can help you examine your options, one of which might be tooth replacement.

Impacted tooth or lack of space

One reason teeth are sometimes pulled is the insufficient space for that tooth. While this might not seem like a big deal, a lack of space will create unnecessary pressure on your other teeth. Your bite will also be affected by this lack of space, and your ability to floss might also be impacted.

Single-tooth bridge

A common method for tooth replacement is known as a single-tooth bridge. Depending on your dental removal needs, you may receive a tooth bridge as a replacement. This is similar to a dental implant, and it fills the gap between two natural teeth. The bridge system in a single tooth bridge is attached to the two natural teeth on either side, to create more stability for the replacement tooth. A single-tooth bridge is made out of resin or porcelain to maintain a more natural look. 

Your tooth replacement doesn’t ned to be negative

The process of tooth removal and replacement is nearly not as bad as most people think. While there might be discomfort involved with this process, dental professionals typically work quickly through these procedures to alleviate pain. In addition, tooth removal is typically the last alternative when it comes to your oral health. Yes, dentists want you to keep your natural teeth for as long as possible, and they tend to shy away from augmentation if there is a healthier approach. 

Here’s the good news

If none of the following issues were ailing you, there is a great chance your tooth does not need to be removed. If you already had your wisdom teeth removed, don’t have broken teeth, have no intense pain, don’t have a gum infection and have plenty of space for your teeth, it’s likely that another procedure better suits your current dental needs.

If you are, however, experiencing any of those symptoms, it may be time to talk to your dental provider and let them give you a definitive answer. 

Canyon Family Dentistry always here to help, if you have any questions about tooth replacement, removal or any other dental-related concerns. Want to find out if a tooth extraction or replacement is right for you? Give us a call at 702-899-0735 or schedule your appointment today!

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